Monday, September 24, 2012

The Best Day

Dear Junebug,

Well, I'm going to just have to get sidetracked again from our story, because something really, really, humongous happened and I just can't wait to catch you up on everything else to get to this day. June, you were adopted last week! That means that you will forever be our daughter, and we will always be your parents. This news is so unbelievably good, that sometimes I have a hard time soaking it in. I'm just a little sponge floating in a bucket of good news! I felt a little like this when your daddy and I got married. I kept waking up thinking, "Am I really married?!" Some things are so big that they take a while to sink in. Your adoption is one of those things.

Grammy (Daddy's mommy) was able to come out from Arkansas and be a part of your special day, as well as your cousin N, and Uncle B and Aunt J. Some good friends of ours also came and took wonderful video of everything. B, C, and M from Olive Crest came as well as our adoptions worker from the county. We all crowded into a little courtroom, that wasn't very fancy and had stacks of paperwork everywhere. Our judge was really sweet and smiley. You did so well, even though we were there during your nap time. The bailiff came over and gave you a teddy bear. You cuddled with it right away and made everyone smile. We swore an oath saying we would alway protect you and love you just like every precious daughter should be loved and protected. Then, Daddy got misty eyed while I tried to keep from completely crumbling into a puddle on the floor when the judge announced that we were officially a forever family.

Our neighbors had balloons waiting for us on the porch when we got home, and then another friend put up even more balloons, and a homemade banner along the driveway. Grandma in Ohio sent flowers.  Friends brought flowers and thoughtful gifts. We had toasts in your honor in the living room while you got some well-deserved nap-time!

Then when you woke up we went to Disneyland!  You loved riding on the carousel, and were mesmerized by "It's a Small World". (That means you were so interested in the whole thing you hardly blinked!)

It was quite the day; a day I am still waiting to completely soak in...but that's okay. We have time. We have all the time in the world.

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